How will the vision and objectives guide the development of the Precinct?

    Once the framework is finalised and adopted by the Council it will inform the design aspects for the area outlined in the Spatial and District Plans.

    What is the proposed vision for Te Ngākau Civic Precinct?

    Our vision is:

    Te Ngākau is the beating heart of our capital city: A thriving neighbourhood where creativity, culture, democracy, discovery, and arts experiences collide on the edge of Te Whānganui-a-Tara (Wellington).”

    What works are planned for Te Ngākau Civic Precinct?

    The first project to start is likely to be strengthening the much-loved Te Matapihi ki te Ao Nui (Central Library). Council approved this option in October 2020 in principle, and we recently asked the public for their views on how this will be funded in the Long-term Plan consultation. 

    We also asked the public for their views on the future of the Municipal Office and Civic Administration Buildings which are earthquake-prone or damaged. 

    The decisions for both projects will be confirmed when Council adopts the draft Long-term Plan at the end of June 2020. 

    Who was involved in developing the vision and framework for Te Ngākau Civic Precinct?

    We worked with Mana Whenua and key stakeholders including sustainability, architectural, and engineering experts, resident groups, and events and arts organisations to develop a draft framework or ‘map’ to guide its development.

    What does the name Te Ngākau mean?

    It means 'the heart' and it was gifted to the city by Taranaki Whānui ki te Upoko o te Ika a Māui. We renamed the Precinct this when the Council's introduced our te Reo Māori policy, Te Taiahu.