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What is the Southern Landfill?

27 September, 2019

The Southern Landfill is a Council-owned and operated landfill located at 201 Landfill Road off Happy Valley Road. The site was opened in 1974 and is currently in the third stage of a multi-stage development. It sits on land specifically set aside in the District Plan for landfilling, with around 100 years of filling space left.

The Southern Landfill is a critical part of the city’s public health and sanitation infrastructure, dealing with the city’s waste, sewage and disposal of contaminated material (e.g. asbestos) from developments. It also forms part of the city’s resilience network, providing an area under the direct control of the Council to dispose of large amounts of demolition waste in case of a possible natural disaster.

Surpluses from the Southern Landfill subsidise recycling collection services, green-waste diversion to produce compost, the Tip Shop and other waste-minimisation activities to the tune of $6 million dollars per annum. We would need to find other ways to pay for these services if the Landfill stopped operating.

Any solution we come up with will include our current waste-diversion initiatives and be flexible enough to do more of these in the future. Currently the Southern Landfill diverts approximately 8,000 tonnes of waste from the Landfill each year. This consists of:

· Green waste diverted to compost – approximately 5,800 tonnes a year

· Food waste diverted to compost – approximately 1,600 tonnes per year

· Scrap metal diversion – approximately 575 tonnes each year

· Salvaged material from the transfer station and voluntary drop-offs of material to the Tip Shop for resale – estimated at 250 tonnes per year.

The Landfill also funds kerbside recycling and a free recycling drop-off at the Southern Landfill. This diverts approximately 11,500 tonnes of recyclable material from waste each year.

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