The results are in . . . Would you be willing to move into a home that is in or close to the central city, but wouldn't have any spaces for parking?

about 2 months ago
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Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on moving into a home that is in or close to the central city, but wouldn’t have any spaces for parking. It was great to hear your thoughts on this particular topic. This week, the results were quite close!

At poll closure we received 174 votes, 52% said Yes to moving without parking, and 48% said No.

Among the feedback received on Facebook key themes were:

  • People would be willing to give up parking at their home if they could rely on another way to get in to the city
  • If there were other affordable transportation options, residents would consider giving up their car for an ideal home location
  • It may not work in some cases because there are jobs that require people to have a car and there aren’t as many suburb to suburb connections.

Please continue to vote on our quick polls. They are just one of the ways we will be seeking your feedback on how we manage parking. In March we will be setting up in a number of suburban centres and in the city centre to talk to people about the proposals, so keep an eye out for us. You will also be able to have your say on our proposals through our formal public consultation.

If you have registered here you will receive an email to tell you when the consultation is open.

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