Waitohi - Johnsonville Community Hub

Welcome to Wellington City Council's community engagement space for the new Waitohi Community Hub in Johnsonville. On this website, you can keep up to date with how the construction is going, access important documents and participate in online discussions.

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Welcome to Wellington City Council's community engagement space for the new Waitohi Community Hub in Johnsonville. On this website, you can keep up to date with how the construction is going, access important documents and participate in online discussions.

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Kōrero Mai

  • May I have an update on parking? Are there any disabled car parks in close proximity to the library?

    useradie asked 16 days ago

    Kia Ora,

    Thank you for getting in touch. I can confirm that there will be 3 disabled car parks within the main Waitohi carpark.

  • Kia ora. How many car parking spaces will be available for people to use within a 50 meter radius from Waitohi?

    Vigilant asked 3 months ago

    Kia ora, Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are working on the best options to have parking spaces available in time for the opening of Waitohi in December. We will soon be asking for public feedback on shortlisted options and details on how you can get involved will be available shortly. Thank you.

  • Hi there What is the plan for parking for the new library given there is nothing underground, street parking is limited, and the mall carpark is for mall users only?

    Citygirl asked 4 months ago

    Hi Citygirl, thanks for your question. We plan to have a mix of parking spaces available in time for the opening in December and will shortly be asking for public feedback on options that we are considering to provide additional car parks in the area. The community will get to have a say on the short list of options via a survey on our website. Details on how you can have your say will be available soon. 

  • Hi, with the winter being long and not many activities for children to do whilst keeping warm, we have really missed our Sunday trips to the central library. I have worked in schools and notice that children are playing games on computers, but not so much card games, board games etc which really develop their fine motor skills, addition and strategy skills and socially good fun. There is a boardgame cafe in Wellington, so I don't know if that would be a problem. But due to the libraries already having lego and other games available, could I suggest you consider a board game cafe? Perhaps a way to engage local community, even with the games supplied by locals/library? To encourage a fun way to be in the cafe space? I think it would be a wonderful way to encourage actual game playing and a fun way to encourage teen or teenagers and all ages into the library/cafe....

    Frar234 asked 4 months ago

    Kia Ora! Thank you for your feedback. We agree that playing board games is a great way to develop motor skills in children. I will pass on your suggestion to the new cafe operator at Waitohi as council is only providing the space for the cafe and any activities within that space will be at the discretion of the new cafe operator. We have a programming team that is currently looking at activities for the new library and seeing as the regular board game sessions at the central library were so popular, I will make sure to pass on your comments to consider having something similar at Waitohi. Have a great day!

  • Love Waitohi!The Kindergarten is fabulous and my daughter loves it.Very cool to have incorporated the outdoor space. I would like to know what will be the operating hours of the library especially the quite study spaces? Is there any way that one can excess a study space or one of the little rooms after hours for studying?I am a mother of three under the ages of 12 and have been struggling to find a space where I can study quietly.I have checked at at Newlands community center and few other places but there are no such spaces. I cannot concentrate at home and mostly have to travel back to campus to study which gets to me on the financial side of things as it's already difficult to be studying full time. I am really hoping that there is something available at Waitohi or any of the community hubs that can cater for students who wish to study late.Please feel free to contact me if there is anything..Thanks!

    Leena asked 4 months ago

    Kia Ora Leena, thank you so much for getting in touch. The opening hours for the new Waitohi Library is 9:30 am to 7:00 pm between Monday to Friday and between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. We’ve established these hours based on research and feedback from the community during the course of the project. There will be some bookable spaces within the library that can offer a quiet study space however, they will only be available between opening hours at this point.

  • What will become of the exisiting/old library building and facilities on Broderick Road?

    rdalziel asked 6 months ago

    Hi, thank you for your question. We are currently working our way through options for the existing library building once the new Waitohi library is open.

  • Waitohi will be very nice. Thank you for building it. The building process for Waitohi necessitated demolition of two facilities dedicated to the needs of Johnsonville Youth. The Youth Room was part of the Community Centre and was paid for by the local community. And there was a basketball half-court next to the old Kindy. What specific plans was Wellington City Council to replace the two community facilities that were demolished?

    JCA President asked 6 months ago

    Good afternoon and thank you for your message. During the design phase for Waitohi, we consulted with youth in the northern communities to obtain their feedback on the design of the hub. As result of these engagements, there will be a designated area for youth at Waitohi, including a quiet study space, multiple lounging areas along with Wifi and outlets for their technology. A full-time Youth and children specialist has already been hired and will be based at the hub to create programs and events specifically for children and youth.  There will also be another full-time specialist dedicated to the new makerspace area in the Waitohi library.  This specialist will run programmes on the use of new technology, coding classes, sound studio activities, video editing and arts/crafts. 

    We appreciate that the basketball half-court was a much loved facility for the community and we are currently investigating a number of appropriate locations to re-install the basketball hoops removed as a part of the construction process.