Let's Talk about the top topics now

8 months ago

We really enjoyed talking with everyone who attended the second set of community information sessions we held recently. Thanks for coming along.

Key issues were similar to those at the first series of meetings with a couple of extra subjects coming up.

The top three topics were waste minimisation, the effects of the traffic including noise and dust as well as the volume of traffic, and the difficulty of understanding which council regulates what at the landfills in Wellington (Wellington City Council or Greater Wellington Regional Council).

Other issues of interest were recycling initiatives, dealing with sewage sludge in the future, impact on water both in the Ōwhiro Stream and groundwater and long term plans for reinstatement of the land and stream after the closure of this stage of the Landfill.

Residents of Hawkins Hill Road and others close to the Landfill boundaries wanted to know more about windblown litter and visual impacts of the extension to the Landfill for them. We will be looking at options to mitigate this.

One of the other topics raised was the potential for noise impacts due to operations especially early morning and in the weekends.

We’ve recorded all the feedback and questions we have received and are looking at the mitigations we can put in place to address the issues raised.

Our next series of community information sessions is planned for the end of February 2020 where we will feedback on the issues raised this time and look at the design of the proposed Landfill extension.

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