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The why - room for rubbish is running out

30 September, 2019

The existing stage of the Landfill will be full in approximately four years.

  • Our resource consent for the current stage of the Landfill expires in April 2026.

  • The Southern Landfill is operating in Stage 3 of its development with the proposed extension (Stage 4) needed to provide an additional 2.5 million m3 of landfill.

We want to know what Wellingtonians value to help us assess the alternatives to landfill and how we manage the waste, sewage and contaminated material of our growing city in the future.

Any solution will include our current waste diversion initiatives and be flexible enough to do more of these in the future.

Currently the Southern Landfill

  • diverts approximately 8,000 tonnes of waste from the Landfill each year

  • funds kerbside recycling

  • funds free recycling drop-off at the Southern Landfill

This means a total of almost 11,500 tonnes is diverted from waste each year. (See our article on the Southern Landfill for more information)

The Council thinks extending the Landfill is the best way forward but would like to test this assumption by looking at alternatives including:

  • closing the Landfill and/or the Transfer station

  • building a waste-to-energy plant

  • using biological processes

  • heat treatment

Looking forward, we believe that things will change, and if landfilling is still the most viable solution for now, we think it will only be an interim step towards a future without landfills.

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