What is the difference between consultation and engagement?

by Fiona@WCC, over 1 year ago

Consultation involves obtaining public feedback on proposals; it is one form of engagement. The Council regularly consults communities through process such as the long-term plan which determine Council’s strategic direction as well as how it sets budgets and prioritises projects.

The Council will consult the community on significant decisions, following the principles set out in section 82 of the Act. Council can also decide to consult at any time on a decision, where it considers that appropriate. For most Council decisions, there is no express requirement to consult the public, but we will consider people’s views and preferences.

Engagement is a broader and ongoing process of sharing information with the community and seeking its feedback, with the purpose of involving the community in the process of decision making. This process may include a more formal consultation process to meet legal requirements.

What stage a project is in their timeline and the significance of the project will determine what information is available and the type of feedback required. We will outline on each project page which phase the project is in and whether or not we are formally consulting or just asking for feedback to help shape the content of the project. If you are unclear please contact the project officer. Their details will be provided on the project page under who’s listening?

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