Are you going to stop vehicles from driving along the road to Red Rocks?

    No, the Council is not proposing to change the vehicle restrictions on the unformed legal road to Pari Whero/Red Rocks (Great Harbour Way/Te Aranui o Pōneke). The proposal, in the draft bylaw, is to provide the Council with the ability to manage vehicles driving or parking on paper roads in Wellington City, if it needed to in the future. There are many paper roads (legal unformed roads) in the city, not just the road out to Pari Whero/Red Rocks and at the moment, the Council is not able to manage vehicle access and parking on these roads properly.  

    If, in the future, the Council is considering changing vehicle access on the paper road to Pari Whero/Red Rocks, the Council will engage with users and the Pari Whero/Red Rocks community before preparing a traffic resolution. The information from stakeholders will help to form the advice to Councillors before any traffic resolution was put in place. Refer to the draft clause 19 in the proposed traffic and parking bylaw.

    Are you proposing to stop vehicles driving or parking on Wellington’s beaches?

    Yes, the draft bylaw is proposing to prohibit vehicles from driving or parking on beaches in Wellington City unless they have prior permission from the Council. This would include beaches such as Freyberg beach on Oriental Bay, Lyall Bay beach. Island Bay beach and Scorching Bay beach. The proposal does not include beaches that are Reserves, such as Red Rocks Reserve (Pari Whero) as reserves are managed under the Reserves Act. Please refer to the draft clause 20 in the proposed traffic and parking bylaw.