Response and Recovery Plan

1. Council Financial Support

With the Covid-19 lock-down in place, some businesses and households are facing significant financial hardship. The government is providing a range of support mechanisms as are banks. Council will be:

  • providing support to businesses and commercial ratepayers by providing the ability to defer fourth quarter rates without penalty for 6 months
  • providing a variety of rent relief or rent payment plans for the balance of 2019/20 to organisations, businesses and clubs that use council facilities
  • reducing the time frames for payments to suppliers who provide goods and services to Council from 20 to 7 days to help with cash-flow.

2. Council services

Council services are important for community wellbeing. While many are temporarily on hold, essential services continue to be delivered and others are being delivered in a different way. Council services will play an important part of the recovery phase, and Council costs also impact many businesses. Council is:

  • reducing many fees such as alcohol and food licence fees to support the hospitality sector
  • providing a rebate for pavement licence holders for the equivalent of the fourth quarter of 2019/20
  • providing ongoing support through Council grants to Wellington community groups
  • freezing pool and council gym membership costs for the duration of the lock down.

3. Community Wellbeing

There are communities in Wellington that are disadvantaged and this stream of work is focused on looking after the city’s most vulnerable during the pandemic. This includes:

  • Additional community grant funding – additional grant funding of $1.5m to support community groups
  • Support homeless – accommodation support for the city’s vulnerable homeless community (with City Mission)
  • Support for vulnerable – delivery of food to people in need, this includes food banks and meals on wheels
  • Outreach – coordinate with outreach teams and support groups to look after the vulnerable members of the City
  • Get people active – provide discounted or free entry to facilities like the Zoo, Zealandia and Council pools for a period of time to encourage people

4. Economic Recovery

Businesses pay 45% of the total rates in the city, and provide jobs for Wellingtonians as well many others in the region. It is important that businesses are supported through the lock-down so they can be at the forefront of the economic recovery. Actions include:

  • Business support – WellingtonNZ operating a business advice line and running a series of webinars and online workshops for the business community
  • City Recovery Fund – a fund of up to $8m to support and boost the economic recovery including support for the creative and innovative sectors
  • City Recovery Plan – the development of a comprehensive recovery plan with key stakeholders that encompasses the economy but also the cultural and recreational dynamics of the city

5. Absolutely Positively Wellington

Wellington has a strong sense of community and is no stranger to a crisis. As shown with the earthquake in 2016, Wellingtonians are resilient and look after each other in times of need. This area of focus is about maintaining pride in the city, looking after each other, and looking after everything local. There are two main aspects:

  • Buy local – The #LoveLocal programme will be geared up to encourage Wellingtonians to buy from and support local Wellington businesses and those across the region
  • Pride in the city – a range of initiatives will be undertaken to encourage the Absolutely Positively Wellington pride in our city, foster Wellingtonians’ caring spirit and find new ways in which we can support each other

6. Regional & Central Government Collaboration

As part of the recovery phase it will be important that economic stimulus projects are strongly aligned with central government efforts to ensure benefits are maximised. The key areas of focus are:

  • Preparing a package of 10 ‘shovel ready’ projects to support economic growth and job creation in the region
  • Partnering with Wellington stakeholders and our CCOs on a future programme of work to assist city recovery
  • Working alongside mana whenua towards a strong recovery for our city, whānau and hapori
  • Advocate to central government for funding and other support to assist with the recovery of Wellington, a capital city fit for the future
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