The results are in . . . Did you think we should charge for on-street motorbike parking in CBD?

about 2 months ago
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Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on motorcycle parking. It’s great to see such a high level of interest and discussion about the use of our city streets for parking.

At poll closure as of 8 am on Feb 3 we received 1661 number of votes, 93% said No to charging for motorcycle parking and 7% said Yes.

Among the feedback received on social media key themes were:
  • the ease of travel by motorcycle compared to other forms of transport

  • motorcycles take up less street space for parking than cars

  • switching from a car to a motorcycle will reduce congestion

  • the central city needs more motorcycle parking

The draft parking policy will not be proposing any specific changes to day-to-day parking management. The aim is to provide a new framework to influence Council parking management decisions for at least the next decade, so your views on our quick polls are important. There are many competing demands for street space and the demand is highest in the central city. If we want an attractive, clean, and safe environment in which to walk, shop, dine and spend time then as the city grows we will need to make more room for other uses such as more public spaces for pedestrians, buses, bicycles and other forms of low carbon transport. This is likely to impact on how we travel and use parking spaces.

Please continue to vote on our quick polls. They are just one of the ways we will be seeking your feedback on how we manage parking. In March we will be setting up in a number of suburban centres and in the city centre to talk to people about the proposals, so keep an eye out for us. You will also be able to have your say on our proposals through our formal public consultation.

If you have registered here you will receive an email to tell you when the consultation is open.

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