What you told us about parking in suburban town centres

4 months ago
Surburban town centre photo

Your feedback on the priorities for the allocation of street space to parking types/uses for the suburban town centres told us:
  • 88 percent thought mobility parking should be a high or medium priority

  • 77 percent of respondents felt loading zones should be a high or medium priority

  • 69 percent of respondents felt that urban amenity features (such as street trees, plantings, seats, public art) as a high or medium priority

  • 76 percent of respondents felt that commuter parking should be a low priority or not a priority at all

  • For other types, responses were spread across different priorities (high, medium, low, not a priority) and showed no consensus view

We talked about a number of solutions for when parking demand exceeds supply in the suburban town centres. The top three options selected by respondents were:

  • Make it easier to get to suburban town centre in other ways (walking, cycling, public transport) (25 percent)
  • Introduce time limits (18 percent)
  • Introduce charges (13 percent)

Categories: Initial Draft Parking Policy Feedback