The results are in . . . Would you give up your car for a car share scheme?

about 1 month ago

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on considering selling your car and joining a car share scheme instead. We are glad we were able to get interesting feedback on this particular topic.

At poll closure we received 117 votes, 51% said Yes to giving up their car for a car share scheme, and 49% said No.

Among the feedback received on Facebook key themes were:

  • This would be a feasible option if there were more car share vehicles and car share parking spaces in the city fringe/suburban centres/outer suburbs

  • Car share options can/do save major costs and extra car-owning responsibilities

The cost data given to you came from estimates from the Automobile Association Dec 2018, and average scheme costs from the local car share companies. Car ownership costs vary due to many different factors (car size, fuel type, trip lengths, other personal situations, etc.), but we hope that the information provided was able to at least get you thinking about different driving options throughout and around the city.

Please continue to vote on our quick polls! They are just one of the ways we will be seeking your feedback on how we manage parking. 16 March is when you will be able to have your say on our proposals through our formal public consultation.

If you have registered here you will receive an email to tell you when the consultation is open.

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