Car Ownership Costs vs. Car Share Scheme Costs

about 2 months ago
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There are many factors that impact car ownership costs:

  • Age of the vehicle

  • Maintenance and running costs

  • The purchase price

  • The size of a car

  • Kilometres travelled

These annual estimates do not include extra costs such as driver license renewal, extended warranties, breakdown service subscriptions, diesel road user charges, and additional parking.

Car ownership costs for a small car (based on estimates from the Automobile Association Dec 2018)

  • $33.30 per day (including fixed and flexible costs, ie insurance, WOF, licensing, parking permits, fuel, repairs, maintenance etc)

  • $12,295 per year (including residents permit)

Car share costs for a small car (based on individual trips rather than a weekly membership plan from local car share schemes in operation)

  • $15 per hour

  • $85 per day (capped amount; includes fuel, insurance, registration, maintenance, repair, city parking)

  • $3,650 - $5,475 per year (Driving a 10k-at-a-time trip once per day every day of the year would be approximately this much, give or take your distance)

Therefore, a person could hire a car share for approximately 2.5 days per week every week of the year for the same cost as owning a car, with the added bonus of no annual parking permit fee, driving a modern electric vehicle, no responsibilities that come with car ownership, and not having to worry about depreciating value.

**all costs are educated estimates, prices may differentiate on each individual person's situation**

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